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The following definitions apply within these Terms of Business: ‘R&T’ means Richmond & Twickenham Au Pairs and Nannies ‘The Client’ means the family requiring an Au Pair ‘Applicants’ means the candidate Au Pairs

No variation in these Terms of Business is binding upon R&T unless the agreed in writing with Mrs Karen Manca.

1. The interviewing and subsequent engagement of staff is deemed to be an acceptance of our Terms, Conditions and Fees. R&T’s fees are for the introduction of applicants only and do not include any salary due to be paid to an employee.

2. When the client has chosen an applicant, we will ask the client to write a letter of invitation. It should be written to the applicant personally and include the following information;

– The date your Au pair is expected to arrive and the length of her stay

– Details of your family and the languages spoken in your home

– 25 hours of work for 5 days

– expected duties ( e.g. light housework, ironing, help with childcare which could

– include collecting children from school and helping with meals)

– Amount of pocket money, free time and availability of language courses in the area

3. After the client has spoken to the applicant on the telephone, and the client has accepted the applicant, R&T will reserve the applicant for four working days. Within four days the client shall provide R&T with the following:

– Letter of invitation (see above) with photographs of yourselves/family/home

– Our fee for which we will send an invoice

If these are not received within four working days the applicant will be offered to other clients for selection.

4. Should the client experience any problems with the au pair, the client must inform R&T immediately. The client shall give R&T the opportunity to speak to the applicant to discuss any problems and hopefully resolve the issues. Should the client not notify R&T of problems and/or allow R&T to talk to the applicant, the client shall forfeit the right to any replacement or refund.

5. A minimum of seven days notice of termination of engagement must be given by the client to the au pair. The client must ensure that that the au pair has somewhere suitable to stay and R&T must be notified immediately.

6. As from September 2010, BAPAA recommends 4 weeks holiday per 12 month period. Pocket money will be paid during this time. If the au pair placement is for a shorter time, holiday is calculated pro-rata at rateof 1.66 days per month. The au pair should not be forced to take holidays to coincide with the family holiday. UK National holidays, BAPAA recommends that au pairs are given these days as free time.

7. R&T cannot be held responsible in any way for the character and suitability of any applicant, accuracy of references, medical certificates and personal details supplied by the applicant, or guarantee the applicants length of stay and is hereby expressly excluded from all liability whatsoever directly or indirectly arising from the placement of an applicant. R&T is an introduction agency only. Whilst reasonable effort is made to introduce suitable candidates, it is the client’s final responsibility as to whether an applicant should be offered a position.

8. R&T shall not be liable under any circumstances to the client in respect of any loss, damage, cost, expense, injury, death or inconvenience incurred to any persons or property arising from any act or omission on the part of the applicant before or after engagement by the client.

9. The client will forfeit any fee paid to R&T if they: fail to adhere to the Terms of Business, or negotiate independently with our applicant.

10. All introductions are confidential. Should a client directly or indirectly introduce an applicant to another family, the original family will be liable for the full placement fee should an engagement result. The client will be liable for the full placement fee for any au pair engaged as a consequence of, or resulting from, an application to R&T even though the introduction is made indirectly. Any documents sent to you regarding an applicant are confidential and entrusted to the client on loan. If the client decides not to invite an applicant the client must return all documents to R&T immediately.



The client shall inform R&T of the agreed start date of the engagement. R&T cannot guarantee that the selected applicant will actually start their period of engagement with the client or that they will stay for the required length of engagement. In these circumstances the following conditions apply:

1. If the client has not honoured these Terms of Business or the applicant has left because of unreasonable circumstances, then the client will not be entitled to a refund or replacement.

2. If R&T is unable to place the selected applicant with the client e.g. the applicant cancels through no fault of the client, a replacement will be sought or a full refund given, whichever R&T in its absolute discretion thinks appropriate.

3. If the client cancels an engagement after it has been confirmed and before the scheduled arrival of the applicant, R&T will charge a standard fee of £50 to the client and the client shall return all documents to R&T.

4. If the applicant introduced by R&T and engaged by the client leaves within the first four weeks of the start of the engagement, R&T shall attempt to replace the applicant for the client. R&T will be given one month from the date of written notification termination to provide a replacement. If during this period the client makes alternative arrangements or requests ’No Replacement’ then NO REFUND WILL BE DUE. If it proves impossible for R&T to effect a replacement within one month, R&T shall refund the client a proportion of the placement fee actually paid by the client. If the applicant leaves within the first two weeks of engagement the proportion shall be 50%. If the applicant leaves within weeks three and four of engagement the proportion shall be 30%.

5. NO REFUND will be due from R&T to the client if a replacement applicant is terminated.

6. If the applicant stays longer than four weeks from the agreed start date of the engagement, the engagement is regarded as satisfactory and R&T shall have fulfilled its obligations.

7. Clients who dismiss applicants without notice or without informing R&T will forfeit any refund or replacement and will be liable for any expenses incurred by R&T and/or the applicant.

The above refunds apply only if our invoice has been paid within 7 days of the date of invoice



1. A surcharge of 10% will be added to all accounts not settled within 7 days of invoice

2. Outstanding invoices passed to our Debt Collection Service will be subject to all costs incurred.

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